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Formation of Apartments / Condominiums / Society & Trust

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Societies can be formed by the members themselves or by a Promoter/Developer. Our Firm undertakes the said work of formation, registration and governance of the Apartment/ condominium and Society, by adopting all procedures laid down. The Firm provides necessary information and renders required legal services for formation of Apartments / Condominium or Society of Schemes consisting of bungalows, row houses, villas, duplexes, flats etc. and preparation,

execution and registration of required Declaration / Condominium, Deed of Apartments, Deed of Conveyance / Deed of Assignment and all related documentation. Our Firm has a dedicated team of lawyers who look after Society registration job exclusively. Our Firm also lends our legal expertise for guiding the office bearers of Society for maintaining records, minute book etc.

Formation of Trust

There are two kinds of trust viz. (1) Private / Family Trust (2) Public Charitable Trust. Private or family Trusts are formed for protecting and safeguarding Interest of Certain persons in the family such as minors, aged persons etc, as well as for implementing desire of the executant of trust. Our Firm is well familiar with the intentions behind formation of trust and help the Clients in achieving their goals. Our Firm undertakes and deals with all the work relating to the trust and trust properties viz. obtaining permission/s for sale and purchase of the properties, submission of annual reports, change reports. If there is any dispute then our teams of lawyers are equipped to appear and defend the matters before Charity Commissioner.

Formation of Co-operative Housing Society


The Co-operative Housing Societies are formed and registered under the provisions of Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act 1960.  The Co-operative Societies are formed by any 10 members of different families.  The said Societies are formed by residents of buildings by the members themselves or by a Promoter/Developer. The Co-operative Societies are also required to be formed for bungalow and bungalow plots.

 We undertake the said work of formation of the Society till its registration, by adopting all procedure laid down.  We have a team of lawyers who look after Society registration job exclusively.  We also advise/guide the Society office bearers for maintaining records, minute book etc.

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