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Preparation of Deeds and Documents

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Every transaction which takes place creates contractual relations between the parties. All such contractual relations have to be nurtured and at the same time the interest also have to be safeguarded.

Our Firm ensures that while drafting any such documents the interest of the Client is safeguarded. All kinds of deeds and documents are drafted, as per the case; such as

  • Agreements,
  • Development Agreements,
  • Sale Deeds,
  • Gift Deeds,
  • Lease Deeds,
  • Mortgage Deeds,
  • Integrated Township Agreements and Deeds,
  • Leave and License Agreements,
  • Wills,
  • Joint Ventures,
  • Partnership Deeds,
  • Franchise Agreements and Business Contracts,
  • Partition Deeds,
  • Hire- Purchase Agreements,
  • Partnership Agreements,
  • Memorandum of understanding,
  • Testamentary Documents,
  • Articles of Association and Memorandum of Association of Companies,
  • Power of Attorney,
  • Adoption Deeds

Stay Local but Traught Global is our motto! And holding on to our motto we have a huge list of clients across the globe!

Our lawyers offer expert insight into the issues that matter.

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UDK Associates Law Firm Office in Pune
UDK Associates Law Firm Office in Pune
UDK Associates Law Firm Office in Pune
UDK Office
UDK Office
law firm in pune
UDK Associates Law Firm Office in Pune

About Us

UDK & Associates is a well known Law Firm, having its office at Pune and is rendering its services to numerous National & Multinational Companies, Builders/ Promoters/ Developers, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Trusts, Banks and also individual clients. We are known for our legal expertise and experience in the areas of Property law, Litigation & Dispute Resolution, Commercial & Business Law.

We also offer specialized legal services in the areas of Real Estates, Civil Litigations, Family Law, Arbitration Law and Tribunals.

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